66-game season still could be salvageable

We’ve heard about the talks and gotten excited before.

So how come this time it feels like there might be a chance to save the NBA season?

Reports indicate a 66-game season could be saved if the season begins on Christmas Day – the league’s traditional regular-season high water mark in terms of interest.

Maybe it’s because of the limited number of participants on each side. Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that even NBPA president Derek Fisher  this time.

David Stern has always liked having only a few participants, believing that it makes the negotiations smoother. Also, it limits the number of leaks that might be able to report after the talks concluded.

But expect that Stern and NBPA executive director Billy Hunter will be spending part of the Thanksgiving holidays together.

Bet that they might share a piece of pumpkin pie. But I doubt the two old fraternity brothers will break long enough to watch the Detroit-Green Bay game or Texas-Texas AM together on Thursday.

There is, after all, an NBA season to be saved.

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