Spurs streak ends at 19

February 21st thru April 3rd of 2014 will go down as the (one of the) fifth longest streaks in NBA History.  Come April 6th, it will be back to business for Gregg Popovich and his crew of merry grey beards.

“We never thought about the streak in the first place,” Popovich said after the loss to Oklahoma.  “To us, it is just another game.”

Such is the way it has been for many a season here in San Antonio for the Spurs and their fans.  Always the underdogs, no matter the record the team is currently sporting, the Spurs take their wins just like their losses; with zero complaint and zero fanfare.

“To us, it is just another game.”

A lot of coaches will tell you that but when Popovich says it, you take it at face value and accept it.  This loss, which Popovich has been waiting for, is perfectly timed out in the big scheme of things.  Losing to an athletic Thunder team on the 2nd night of a back to back, well the planets were aligned.  Rest assured that, should the Thunder and Spurs meet in the playoffs, they will play One game at a time…just like the well oiled machine they are.

“To us, it is just another game.”

The Spurs take on the Memphis Grizzlies this Sunday.  Great seats are still available so be sure to get your tickets now!

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