Why the Triple Double Oreo needs an NBA hook

A new product will be hitting the shelves this summer that has an ideal connection with the NBA and all of basketball.

We’ll be seeing thesoon, according to the food blog Bites on Today. Nabisco will be rolling out a new cookie that  will consists of not one, not two, but three layers of cookie, with one layer of the Oreo’s classic white cream  filling and another made of chocolate cream.

It’s introduction will bring the Triple Double into our common language in a way that will outstrip its current usage.

Now, the triple-double is a common measure of NBA success for a player who notches  double-figure totals of points, rebounds, assists and occasionally steals and blocked shots in a game. It was accomplished 37 times during the regular season and twice in the playoffs.

The current master of the basketball triple double is LeBron James, who notched a league-leading four triple-doubles this season and has 38 in his career including the playoffs.

But James already has too many commercials. So I propose a Triple Double Oreo commercial for a player who accomplished them on the court but could also consume a few of the products away from it.

How about Charles Barkley?

The “Round Mound of Rebound” already is one of  the most lovable pitchmen around the league.

And he produced triple-doubles during his career with surprisingly regularity.

It would be a match made in advertising heaven.

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