Trust us: Harden’s series-changing sixth foul doesn’t hold a candle to this

Oklahoma City guard James Harden fouled out with 4:34 remaining in the fourth quarter of Monday’s Game 4 of the Western Conference finals against Dallas. His team was safely ahead by 11 points with a change at a series split an almost foregone conclusion.

But his absence was too much for the Thunder couldn’t overcome — even with the big late lead.   

The young Thunder collapsed one of their top offensive threats as Dallas clamped down on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and escaped with a wild 112-105 overtime victory over the Thunder.

But it wasn’t the only thing that happened to Harden Monday night.

Oklahoma City fan Meghan Dailey took her devotion for Harden to great lengths, wearing a wedding dress with the second-year forward’s cutout face stenciled into the pleat of her dress below the knee.

She also carried a cutout head of Harden with “Harden My Heart” scrawled below it. For good measure, her veil was constructed of basketball netting.

Needless to say, Dailey caught a lot of attention, both outside the Oklahoma City Arena and inside it once the game began about her favorite player. It even got her some national television time during Monday’s game broadcast on ESPN.

Her picture has already on dozens of blog sites, although I haven’t read any comments specifically from her about her upcoming nuptuals. 

Or if she was merely advertising to marry Harden.  

But after last night, it might appear that there is a curse involving teams whose fans wear wedding dresses to the game that far outreaches not wearing something borrowed or blue in a wedding ceremony.

The Thunder never trailed when Harden was in the lineup. As soon as he fouled out, the Thunder collapsed as Dallas claimed a series-changing victory in one of the most remarkable comebacks in NBA playoff history.

We can only hope that similar problems don’t follow Dailey if and when she ever walks down the ais

Oklahoma City fan Meghan Dailey walks into the Oklahoma City Arena before Monday’s playoff game against Dallas. (Photo by Getty Images).


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