TP expects to decide next week whether to join his French team during lockout

Spurs guard Tony Parker expects a decision in the next week on whether he will join his team ASVEL during the lockout.

Parker told the French website (Hat tip to and Google’s translation tool) that he will whether to play with the team he owns and serves as its director of basketball operations.

Parker’s decision could be a moot one, especially if players and owners settle on a new collective bargaining agreement over the weekend. But Parker returned to France this week for help in settling the insurance question that remains his biggest obstacle in joining the French team.

Parker’s four-year contract with the Spurs, which started before last season, pays him $50 million. He’d like to guarantee to cover any potential injuries while playing in France.

The French league will start Oct. 7.

Neither Parker or Manu Ginobili will play overseas if the lockout ends. But if the negotiations break down this weekend and it looks like an extended loss of games in the NBA, both will likely accept their overseas offers.

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