The NBA’s edition of ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ kicks off today

NBA teams have already starting burning up the telephone lines as they talk with potential free agents.

But that’s only part of this dizzying chase that will compress work that would have taken place during a summer of inactivity into a few short weeks.

It seems a lot of general managers had a chance to take careful stock of their teams over the summer. And considering some of the potential trades that are being bandied about, it looks like we might see a lot of action during the next few days.

Here are some early links and speculation about some notable possible trades:

  • Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated reports that Boston with hopes of upgrading to Chris Paul rather than a confidence-shaken Rajon Rondo.
  • Marc Stein of reports that New Jersey is offering a package of Brook Lopez and two first-round picks to Orlando in hopes of landing Dwight Howard. The Nets would even be to make the deal happen.  
  • Citing “sources close to the situation,”’s Chris Broussard tweets that Paul isif traded to Boston. Broussard also notes that the for Russell Westbrook and Kendrick Perkins over the summer.
  •’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that in a possible three-team trade involving Rondo and Paul.  
  • Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star tweets that .
  • reports that Memphis center , or he will play in Europe. Only five European teams could afford him:  FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, CSKA Moscow, Efes and Olympiacos.

Not surprisingly, the Spurs haven’t been mentioned in any potential deals.

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