Talks turn cold, more games canceled

After all the excitement that came out of Thursday’s bargaining sessions, some pundits were excited that an 82-game NBA schedule potentially could be saved.

Unfortunately, Friday’s breakdown in the talks has killed those ideas along with adding another round of cancellations.

All of the November games have now been cancelled as we’ve passed the 120-day mark of the lockout.

The tripping point in Friday’s talks was how the percentage of basketball-related income would be divvied up. Owners aren’t budging on a 50 percent split. Players, who had a 57 percent split in the last contract, aren’t willing to dip below 52.5 percent.

That leaves a $100 million gap that apparently can’t be bridged – at least at this time.

After making some movement in other issues, David Stern and Billy Hunter attacked the biggest obstacle Friday. Neither side is willing to budge.

There is no day set for a resumption of talks.

Prepare for more games than the ones in November to be missed.

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