Beasley attempts to buff image with ballet, PR agent

The last we heard from Minnesota forward Michael Beasley, he was trying to on a New York City playground.

Since then, Beasley has determined he needs to transform his public image.

As such, Beasley is practicing ballet and hired a public-relations agency. He told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune he’s not the sullen athlete that after reports earlier this summer.

“I want everyone to know that I’m not this monster that they perceive,” Beasley told the Star-Tribune. “I’m a really nice guy.”

Beasley is promoting an “All-Star Classic” Friday night in Minneapolis that will benefit several local charities.

The ballet work has helped him pare about 15 pounds since the end of the season. Beasley now weighs about 225 pounds.  

“I don’t really dance,” he said. “I do it for the stretching.”

Beasley is adamant he doesn’t own a tutu.

“No, no, no, no,” he replied. “I wear shorts and a shirt.”

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