Spurs’ Joseph could play with Canada

Worrying about Manu Ginobili playing for Argentina in international competition has become a summertime tradition among Spurs fans. Tony Parker is a regular with Les Bleus, the French national team, and Tiago Splitter remains the centerpiece for Brazil.

The hypochondriacs among Spurs Nation now have another international player to anguish over: , newly drafted point guard Cory Joseph — a Toronto native — is expected in training camp with that country’s national team, if and when insurance issues are cleared up.

If he makes the team — almost a foregone conclusion, judging from the above article — Joseph would play for Canada in this summer’s Olympic qualifier.

At 19 years old, and without any NBA wear-and-tear on his body, Joseph isn’t quite the injury risk his older international counterparts are.

In fact, with the lockout threatening to cut into training camp and perhaps the start of the season, the former University of Texas standout could use the experience that playing on the international stage might bring.

Certainly, any sort of organized basketball will be beneficial in keeping Joseph in game shape at a time when he and other players are forbidden from the Spurs’ practice gym.

If nothing else, Joseph’s presence on the Canada’s national team might make Matt Bonner jealous.

The Red Rocket — so nicknamed because of his reliance on Toronto’s public transit system while with the Raptors — has been trying for years to join the Canadian team, but has so far been unable to secure citizenship.

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