NBA teams all get set to shop

NBA free agency begins at 11 p.m. today. Priority No. 1 for the Spurs? Re-signing 36-year-old, self-declared “Spur for life” Tim Duncan to a deal that will take him to the end of his career.

The Spurs also have to weigh offers to Boris Diaw (unrestricted) and Danny Green and Patrick Mills (restricted), then consider offers to other free agents.

Nets point guard Deron Williams is the prime prize on the unrestricted market. He asserts he will either be the centerpiece of a restructured roster as the team moves to Brooklyn or continue his career in his hometown of Dallas.

Express-News NBA beat writer Mike Monroe breaks down the top of a free-agent marketplace that will generate rumors by the thousands before teams can actually begin signing players July 11:


Tim Duncan, Spurs
Position: Forward/center
What to expect: He’s made it clear he wants to finish his career in San Antonio. The value of his final contract is the tricky part. He made $21.2 million (pro-rated) last season. What’s his value at age 36?

Deron Williams, Nets
Position: Point guard
What to expect: The top prize in this free-agent derby, definitely at max money. He says he has narrowed his choices to the Nets and Mavericks. Best guess: There’s no place like home — and for Williams, that’s Dallas.

Kevin Garnett, Celtics
Position: Forward/center
What to expect: Like Duncan, Garnett is 36, with a chronically painful right knee. If he decides to keep going, it’s hard to see him starting over in a location other than Boston.

Jason Kidd, Mavericks
Position: Point guard
What to expect: He’s 39, but so smart he is still effective, but at what price? He took a big salary hit when he re-signed with Mavs in 2009. He will take another to re-sign with the Mavs.

Steve Nash, Suns
Position: Point guard
What to expect: He has been fiercely loyal to the Suns but finally seems ready to move. Does Canada’s all-time greatest player want to finish his career in Toronto? Probably not if the Suns improve enough to satisfy him and convince him to stay.

Ray Allen, Celtics
Position: Shooting guard
What to expect: Watching him struggle with sore ankles in the playoffs was painful. If surgery works, he has still got the league’s sweetest shot. Seems headed for the sun, either Phoenix or Miami.


George Hill, Pacers
Position: Point guard/shooting guard
What to expect: Already turned down a $6 million extension from the Pacers and definitely would prefer to return to the Spurs. Hard to imagine Indy letting him walk without compensation.

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