Spurs Reserves dismiss Mavericks

Franchise prepares for 33rd foray into the NBA Playoffs


–The San Antonio Spurs have distinction of being the only former ABA Team to have ever won a championship, much less five of them.  Beginning Saturday night, the San Antonio Spurs will embark on their 33rd attempt to reach the pinnacle of the NBA, the battle for the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Last night, the Spurs reserves, a lineup of Boban Marjanovic, Kyle Anderson, Danny Green, Andre Miller and Matt Bonner defeated the starting line up for the Dallas Mavericks 96-91 with Marjanovic matching a career high 22 points along with 12 boards.

Boris Diaw made his return to the court after sitting out with a minor injury the past few games.  He liked what he and his teammates were able to accomplish against the A squad of the Mavericks.

“Obviously we’ve got great guys and great Hall of Fame’rs and starters, (Tim, Tony, Manu, Kawhi, LaMarcus and David West all stayed in SA) but the support cast has been doing a great job all season,” Diaw said.

“A lot of fun,” said Danny Green, the only San Antonio starter to play. “We got a chance to get the young guys out there, move the ball a little bit, push the pace, try something different. It’s always fun to win when you’ve got your old guys sitting out.”

The 2016 NBA Playoffs begin this Sunday with Game 1 against the Memphis Grizzlies at 8 pm at the AT&T Center.   Plenty of great seats and affordable tickets are still available so be sure to get yours today and help cheer your San Antonio Spurs to the NBA Finals!

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Spurs close the season against the Warriors

Must face the  Jazz, Warriors and Nuggets on the road first

The San Antonio Spurs have nothing left to prove in the regular season so whether or not they put their A- game effort remains to be seen.  Keeping their home record at zero losses would seem to be the more important than going all out to win on the road.

Not that the team will not play at a high level, it could very well be the Spurs B team against the very same , especially against the Warriors, since they have given up a game at home now.  Records are really unimportant to the Spurs collective where the big prize is always the only goal.

“We don’t pay attention, nor are allowed to care,” San Antonio guard Danny Green said. “It’s fun to be a part of something big, or be a part of history or make history, but we’re looking at the bigger pictures.”

For the Spurs during the Popovich era, it has always been about the title, but even Tim Duncan hitting his 1000th victory with the teams next win is something to talk about.  He already owns the record for most victories with one team.

“He’s got a lot of miles on his body, and he still comes in day-in and day-out, first guy in the gym, last guy to leave,” Green said. “Same routine every day, lot of energy, great focus. It’s tough to do, and I don’t know how he continues to stay motivated playing 20 years and winning so many championships.”

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Spurs blowout Bucks, travel to Memphis

The San Antonio Spurs (15-4) remained undefeated at home after dismantling the Milwaukee Bucks 95-70 last night and now take their show on the road for a game against the  Memphis Grizzlies (11-8) who beat the New Orleans Pelicans 113-104 Monday night.

Tim Duncan led the way last night and in limited minutes finishing with 16 points and 10 rebounds but it was the Spurs defense that shined most brightly.

“You’ve got Kawhi, Timmy and now LaMarcus (Aldridge). That’s quite a bit of length, and you can’t forget Danny (Green),” Milwaukee guard O.J. Mayo said. “They force you to take contested 2s and try to run you off the 3. It’s a solid ballclub.”

The Spurs packed up and are headed to Tennessee to take on the Memphis Grizzlies tonight before returning home to tangle with the Boston Celtics (10-8) on Saturday night.  Plenty of great seats and affordable tickets are still available for Saturday’s game.  Get yours today and be a part of Spurs History!

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