Manu earns place on’s ‘All-Floppers’ first team

Manu Ginobili’s ability to sell fouls with a little dramatic flair always has been known around the NBA.

So it’s no surprised when he was tabbed on the first team of’s .

Ginobili shares a first-team position at guard with Raja Bell. Other first-team selections on Beckley Mason’s team include Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, Luis Scola and Ben Wallace.

Here’s what Mason has to say about Ginobili’s inclusion with Bell on the team:

“Raja Bell/Manu Ginobili, SG: Controversial decision to include both of them here, but really these two have given so much to the game. Manu with his whiplash-inducing head thrashes as he drives to the basket and Raja Bell with his ability to be thrown backwards by the slightest of contact.”

For proof, Mason even throws a mixtape of some of  both veterans’ more esteemed bits of floppery over the years.

Despite his likely Hall of Fame credentials as a key player in the Spurs dynasty and his memorable international play over the years, Ginobili has never been among the most popular players for opposing teams.

But I’m curious Spurs Nation. Does Ginobili really merit inclusion with the NBA’s most notable floppers?

I’ll be interested in your responses.

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