Spurs drop Game 1

The Los Angeles Clippers came out swinging last night and delivered a 30 point first quarter, while holding the Spurs to 18, that set the tone for the rest of the game.  The Spurs are looking to rebound tomorrow night in Los Angeles.  Chris Paul led the Clippers with 32 points while Center Blake Griffin contributed 26 points and 12 rebounds.  The Spurs were led by Kawhi Leonard with 18.

“They’re still the defending champs, and they’re going to be the defending champs every night,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. “We have a lot of confidence in our team, but you just have to stay humble and respect who you’re playing.”

“We give them a lot of credit, because they sustained it longer than we did,” Spurs Forward Tim Duncan said. “They played harder longer. They had the energy with their home crowd behind them.”

Game two is scheduled for Wednesday at 9:30 at Staples Center.  Plenty of great seats and affordable tickets are still available so be sure to get yours now and help cheer on your San Antonio Spurs!

Spurs locked into first round against Clippers

Head to Head Record 2-2

The defending NBA Champion Spurs (55-27) road to a repeat Championship (and three-peat to the NBA Finals) begins in Los Angeles and this time the Lakers are nowhere to be seen.  This time, Doc Rivers, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clipppers (56-26) will provide the competition in the first round.  The match up, their first since the Spurs swept them in 2003,  should be one of the premier match ups of all the playoffs, especially in comparison to the East match up of Brooklyn (38-44) vs Atlanta (60-22).

“You probably never want to play the Spurs in the first round if you have a choice,” Griffin told the LA Times. “The Spurs are playing their best basketball, like they normally tend to do.”

Tickets for the first round are on sale now so be sure to get out and support your San Antonio Spurs as they make their way through the 2015 NBA Playoffs


Spurs’ Ginobili worried “We’re not ready”

If the call had come from the usual pundits, then not much stock would be put into those words but the fact that it came from 3 time NBA Champion Manu Ginobili about his own team, lends credence of the statement.

The Spurs are a worrying 1-7 against the elite teams of the NBA including the Trailblazers (twice), the Thunder, the Rockets and the Pacers. The only win came against the LA Clippers who were without the services of All Star point guard Chris Paul.

“When it happens the first three times, four times, five times,” Ginobili said, “then you say, ‘Okay, things happen. The schedule and…’ Now it’s eight (losses), so there has to be a tendency now.”

The Spurs have a chance to add a victory against a top tier team in Oklahoma City this Wednesday.  Great tickets are still available!