Danny Green’s summer vacation

Not to stereotype, but antique shopping would not seem to be high on the list of summer activities for a young NBA player having just signed a multi-million dollar contract on the heels of his breakout season.

(Can you imagine, say, DeMarcus Cousins scouring shops for the perfect 18th-century French armoire to set off his guest bedroom?)

That was one of the many things Spurs guard Danny Green did during a busy summer vacation in which he bought a home, vacationed in the Canary Islands, picked up boxing and headed to Moscow for an event with NBA’s Basketball Without Borders, where he also took time to take in the sights and, of course, shop.

“Not many crazy, interesting things happened during these trips, but it was good to experience different cultures. They do many things differently over there, such as using different terminology when measuring distance, height, weight, temperature, etc. I had a great opportunity to sightsee a lot in Russia and shop for antiques.”

Will be curious to ask the always-affable Danny about what he picked up. (Shipping costs from Moscow have to be ridiculous.)

Also included in the piece are Chase Budinger, Jimmer Fredette, Reggie Jackson and Mo Williams. Fredette had the best anecdote, recounting how he realized that the shoes he was signing for a young fan were actually a pair he’d thrown into the dumpster behind his dorm during his freshman year at BYU.



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