Spurs poised to take the title in an “even” year

The Spurs are back.  The best evidence to back up this claim is the lack of media attention the Spurs have been playing through.  No longer are there catcalls that the team is too old to compete.  In fact, this 2011-12 edition of the Spurs are now the 13th oldest team behind such teams as (and in order)

NBA Oldest Teams

  1. Mavericks
  2. Hawks
  3. LA Lakers
  4. Celtics
  5. Suns
  6. Heat
  7. Trailblazers
  8. Magic
  9. Bulls
  10. Clippers
  11. Raptors
  12. Pistons
  13. Spurs

The Spurs are also still being disrespected by the Vegas odds makers who still have them listed at 8/1 to win while the Heat are 9/5, Thunder are 3/1, the Bulls are 15/4, the Lakers 14/1 and the Clippers 20/1.

While the Spurs are indeed younger, this team in this lockout shortened season and their head coach Gregg Popovich are indeed the perfect fit.   Pop has been regulating minutes for his “Big Three” all season and when an 11-game winning streak was on the line, Pop did not hesitate from not playing (heck not even flying them over) the Utah Jazz in Utah.  While some of the Jazz players said they felt “disrespected” by Pop’s move, they have to know that if the “Big Three” had shown up, the Jazz would have been one step further from the playoffs. As it is, they are barely hanging on and the victory over the Spurs kept them alive.  So, Jazz fans do not be miffed that the “Big Three” were held back.   You should be thanking Popovich for the gift.

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