Spurs still working into form, crush Knicks

The San Antonio Spurs have won their third straight game over the New York Knicks, 94-84 at Madison Square Garden but the significance of the game is one for the record books.  Spurs stalwart Tim Duncan posted team and NBA records on this night.  Duncan set the record for most wins with  a single team, eclipsing John Stockton’s 953 and looks to extend that record another 60 or more games this season, which should put it out of reach for a considerable time what with NBA players switching teams every two to four years.  Duncan will be breaking his own record every time he steps on the floor.

Thus far this year, Duncan has passed Alex English to move into 16th place All Time scoring, moved into 8th in Career Rebounding passing Nate Thurmond then two days later passed Patrick Ewing to move into 6th place career blocks.  He passed Moses Malone in April to move into 11th place NBA All Time career games and moved into 14th place passing Kevin Garnett in the NBA All Time Scoring list.

The Spurs take on the Wizards tomorrow night before heading back to the Alamo City for a game against the Charlotte Hornets.  Tickets for both games are still available so be sure to get out and support your Spurs either on the road or at home!


Spurs blast Mavericks out of the playoffs

It was something that most fans and pundits expected before game seven.  That is, a blowout.  The San Antonio Spurs took full advantage of their home court, pounding the Dallas Mavericks into submission and out of the playoffs with a 96-119 victory.

Mavericks Coach Rick Carlisle praised the Spurs after the fight.

“We got hit by a tidal wave early,” Carlisle said in the post conference. “They had their best game today. They’re the best of the best, and they’ve been great for a long time. They’ve got a great chance, obviously.”

Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich readily agrees.

“I’m certainly glad it’s over,” Popovich said in the post conference. “(It) kept many of us up, night after night, trying to figure them out. We’re thrilled, and I think our best game was tonight. We played very, very well, and I think it was one our best games of the year.”

The Spurs next face the Portland Trailblazers in the Western Conference Semi-finals.  The Trailblazers closed out the Houston Rockets in six games and none more exciting than the buzzer-beater shot by Damian Lillard to end the series, the first time since 1997 where John Stockton of the Utah Jazz did the exact same thing to the Rockets.

“It was a hell of a win,” Portland Coach Terry Stotts said after the game. “I don’t know that it could have been any more dramatic.”

Great seats are still available for Round Two of the Western Conference Semi-finals. Be sure to get yours now!

Spurs tried to trick Jason Terry about his game-worn shorts phobia

Jason Terry has never been the most popular opponent for Spurs Nation. 

And his mouthy style has never endeared him to many opponents, either. 

But the superstitious Terry claims the in one of his best known beliefs. 

Terry prepares for an opponent by wearing the shorts of the next day’s opposing team. This compulsion has left “The Jet” desperately tracking down the right trunks after a bad night. But a network of rival equipment managers and fellow NBA players usually take care of Terry. 

But after Terry’s groin shot to Michael Finley during the 2006 playoffs, he doesn’t have many friends with the Spurs. And the team tried to trick him by giving him a pair of practice shorts rather than a game-worn pair several years ago. 

“It’s gotta be the real thing,” Terry told ESPN.com. “Now, San Antonio tricked me about three years ago when they gave me some practice shorts, and I tried them. And they ended up beating us. So that doesn’t work.” 

Terry told ESPN that his worst shorts he has worn were a pair once worn by former Utah point guard John Stockton. 

“Stockton didn’t give them to me, but I got them from the actual ball kid in the arena,” Terry said. ” When I looked at them, I knew they were his, because they were the shortest thing out there, and then they had his No. 12 on the inside.” 

Terry’s wife, Johnyika, isn’t a fan of this compulsive practice. But her husband doesn’t care. 

“Nah, she doesn’t like it,” Terry said. “But hey, it works for me. Got a lot of wins.”