Vacation beckons while looking for a Sioux Falls Skyforce t-shirt

The NBA lockout is in full swing and free agency isn’t happening across the NBA.

It’s a great time to take a short vacation.  

I’m going to take off a couple of weeks as me and my family restage the Griswold’s trek across the nation’s heartland. We’re going much farther north — to a dream location for my 6-year-old in South Dakota that consists of bison hunts, trips to Mount Rushmore and even a stop by the Corn Palace. And by leaving now, we’ll miss all of the congestion at Sturgis, too.

So I’m going to take a cue from Artis Gilmore over in the picture and just chill for a couple of weeks.

We won’t be hanging up a “Gone Fishing” sign here at Spurs My able senior mates on the Spurs beat, Mike Monroe and Jeff McDonald, will keep the blog humming while I’m gone.

I’ll be like the rest of you checking on what’s happening with the team and the NBA by checking out Spurs frequently.

Even when we’re in the jeep in the middle of the buffalo herd next week or hunting for an elusive Sioux Falls Skyforce t-shirt.

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