TP says he ready for games to begin

Excuse Tony Parker for wanting the games to start as soon as possible for the Spurs.

After playing for the French National Team and his ASVEL Villeurbonne French team, Parker said he is more game-ready than he’s been at similar points of recent training camps.

“It’s like my third training camp,” Parker said.

It’s led to pronounce that training camp isn’t getting harder for him, despite turning 29 in May.

“I’m not not going to say it’s boring, but we do the same stuff and run the same plays,” Parker said. “After 11 years, it’s the same stuff but we have to do it because we have a lot of young guys and new guys too. You have to do it and with the national team we run the same plays. So, it’s the same thing.” 

But Parker was careful to emphasize that he didn’t say he was disinterested in getting ready for his 11th NBA season.

“No I didn’t say that,” Parker said, chuckling. “I knew you would say that. I didn’t say that … but almost.”

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