TP ranked as fourth most disliked player in NBA

Spurs guard Tony Parker’s brush with the tabloids during his marriage to Eva Longoria has left a mark on his popularity.

Forbes Magazine reports that Parker ranks as the in a poll commissioned by Nielsen Media Research and E-Poll Market Research. Players had to have a minimum 10% awareness level from the public to have been considered in the vote.

Earning tabloid mention or playing on the Miami Heat appears to be the fastest way to zoom up the list. New Jersey forward Kris Humphries, who was married to pop tart Kim Kardashian for 72 days this summer, ranks at the top of the list. LeBron James was second.

Here’s a list of the top 10 finishers in the poll.

1. New Jersey F, 50 percent disliked

2. Cleveland F , 48 percent disliked

3. Los Angeles Lakers G , 45 percent disliked

4. San Antonio G , 37 percent disliked

5. Los Angeles Lakers F , 36 percent disliked

6. Miami F , 34 percent disliked

7. New York F , 27 percent disliked

8. Boston F , 25 percent disliked

9. Miami G , 23 percent disliked 

10. Dallas F , 21 percent disliked

From the looks of the list, Parker is in some pretty select company. Even if some fans dislike these players, they also have been among the most  successful in the league in the last several seasons.

And I’m a little surprised that if the list included owners and veteran players  that Mark Cuban and Kevin Garnett didn’t show up somewhere.

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