TP ranked among NBA’s ‘top 15 hunks’

Tony Parker has picked up all kinds of honors during his professional basketball career.

He’s made the All-Star team twice, earned the Most Valuable Player Award in the NBA Finals and been the starting point guard for three of  the Spurs’ four NBA championship teams.

But Parker picked up another one that probably is new for him or any other NBA player when the Athlebrity Zone of recently voted him as one of the league’s “Top 15 hunks.”

Here’s what the website had to say about :

“Sure, he may have screwed things up with one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but that doesn’t make him any less of a hunky basketball star! We’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.”

Here’s a list of the other players who joined him on the list:

  • Kobe Bryant
  • Lamar Odom
  • Kyle Korver
  • LeBron James
  • Tracy McGrady
  • Dwyane Wade
  • Kris Humphries
  • Paul Pierce
  • Gilbert Arenas
  • Dwight Howard
  • Amar’e Stoudemire
  • Marko Jaric
  • Quentin Richardson
  • Carmelo Anthony 

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