Takes from blog brothers: A bard and his thoughts on the lockout

The lockout stretches for another day, but my blog brothers aren’t letting that get them down.

As always, they have a fall cornucopia stuffed with Spurs-related and NBA stories.

Enjoy them.

  • Jeff Clark of Celticsblog.com has .
  • Old buddy Mike Griffith of the Knoxville News-Sentinel reports that Milwaukee No. 1 draft choice Tobias Harris is headed to San Antonio toduring the lockout.   
  • Marcus DiNitto of the Sporting News.com reports on the developed by first-time filmmaker Anne Buford, younger sister of Spurs general manager R.C. Buford.
  • Adam Fromal of the Bleacher Report.com calls Gervin one of the.
  • Manu Ginobili tells the Buenos Aires newspaper La Nacion (hat tip: Project Spurs.com) that the in next year’s Olympic basketball competition in London.
  • Austin Toros members Leo Lyons and Lance Thomas this week in Guadalajara, Mexico, as members of the United States team, NBA.com reports.
  • Sacramento Bee columnist Marcos Breton opines why fans of small-market franchises like the Kings in the labor discord. 
  • Jason Cohen of the Texas Tribune : Why aren’t more Spurs fans supporters of the Houston Texans?  
  • Peter Holt told the Associated Press’ Brian Mahoney that the — something that hasn’t happened during his ownership.
  • William C. Rhoden of the New York Times wonders why he hasn’t seen locked-out NBA .
  • Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald writes that the labor negotiations broke down after of the basketball-related income produced by the league.  
  • Holt tells Mitch Lawrence of  the New York Daily News that the league’s labor negotiators to help settle the lockout.
  • Andrew McNeill of 48 Minutes of Hell.com checks in with a and also has a podcast (along with 48 Minutes of Hell developer  Graydon Gordian) with Zach Harper of ESPN Daily Dime Live about . 
  • The Los Angeles Times’ Mike Bresnahan writes of of more games likely to be canceled.
  • David Steele of the Sporting News.com notes some of the, the majority owner of one of the league’s model franchises. 
  • Tommy Dee of the Knicksblog.com , considering his team’s success over the years.
  • Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes that small-market owners are for the NBA.
  • Tim C. of Pounding the Rock.com provides his roundup of some.

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