T-wolves’ commercial jabs at Cuban

The Minnesota  Timberwolves have had an innovative advertising campaign as they attempt to rebrand the once struggling franchise into one of the NBA’s better young teams.

In the process, they have skewered some notable enemies around the NBA during a season-long series of commercials.

The most recent one is a spoof of 1960′s science-fiction television shows.

Two spacewomen describe an alien leader as appearing much like Minnesota coach Rick Adelman because of his power and mustache.

But when threatened by the leader’s death beam, one woman says that the alien leader instead looks more like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Upon hearing that, the alien leader bellows “you take that back” as the commercial ends.

It’s a part of the team’s “Everybody is talking about the Timberwolves” campaign.

And it’s pretty clever in the usually staid world of sports commercials. 

Here’s the commercial, which appeared recently on You Tube.

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