Stern reportedly not accepting massive salary during lockout

After undergoing heavy criticism over the last several days about his multi-million dollar salary, NBA commissioner David Stern reportedly will not be paid during the lockout. reports that during the lockout that has been estimated up to $23 million per year. His contract reportedly rivals that of almost all of his players.

That massive salary earned a rebuke from Philadelphia center Spencer Hawes, who wondered in a tweet how while his players are locked out.

Stern earlier hinted that he wouldn’t accept a salary if there was a lockout.

Responding to a question at the time about whether he would drop his salary to $1 as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did during the NFL’s lockout, Stern said: “I would say that last time (during the NBA’s 1998-99 lockout) I didn’t take a salary. I think a dollar would be too high in the event of a work stoppage.”

In the battle of public perception, leaking the fact that Stern will not be paid is good public relations for the league.

But the fact that he is paid a yearly salary commensurate with the very best players in the league makes some of the owners’ claims of poverty in the negotiations ring a little hollow.

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