Spurs react to the deal

Here’s a collection of early Spurs comments to the proposed labor deal on their Twitter accounts:

: “Talk to us Mase! My rep is asleep! ;-). I need my ex rep with me right now!”

: We stood united and in the end it all worked out. # .”

: “I mite be on this all day.smh my mind is blooowwwwnnn rite now.”

: “Lockout is over!!! Last time the lockout ended the spurs won the championship. Let’s hope history repeats itself .”

: “Thank you fans for the support. Looking forward to bring a championship to San Antonio this season. .”

: “Buenos dias! Bom dia! Good morning!”

: “I think we jus made a DEAL! Ppl better not b playing wit my emotions lol.”

: “I turned on the phone and msgs saying “end of the lockout” start popping! Is it true? Gotta keep reading…”

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