Spurs clinch Best in the West record

Your San Antonio Spurs have done it yet again and again with the flashiness of an AMC Pacer.  They have not only clinched the Top Seed in the Western Conference, but are again fighting off the “too old” moniker that has followed them for the better part of the last eight years of this magnificent 17 year run.  Former Chicago Bull and Spur Steve Kerr put their success this way:

“In the early years, Pop was much more of a dump-it-inside-to-Duncan-and-David-Robinson kind of coach. Very vanilla,” Kerr said. “Surround the big guys with 3-point shooters and rely on defense. You have to note that Pop has evolved a lot as a coach during his time, and the beauty of it is that he’s had Duncan pretty much the whole time. And of course, Duncan has been so open to change; as Pop has changed, Duncan has changed right along with him.”

The Spurs are now locked into the top seed in the West and will face the Los Angeles Lakers tomorrow night and will have the opportunity to finish the season with only 19 losses.  Be sure to get your tickets to the game.

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