Spurs are early 20-to-1 choice to win 2012 NBA title

Despite posting the second-best regular-season record in the NBA in the past season, the wise guys in Vegas don’t have much early respect for the Spurs heading into the upcoming 2012 season.

The Spurs are listed as a next season, according to early odds posted by the online betting website Bodog.com. It ranks seventh among all NBA teams. (Hat tip to Ben Maller.com)

Miami at 5-to-2 is the early favorite. The Los Angeles Lakers are listed at 11-to-2. Chicago is at 6-to-1. Oklahoma City is 8-to-1. Defending World Champion Dallas is 10-to-1 and Boston is 12-to-1.

Here’s a complete list of the odds heading into what appears to be a long lockout.

Future Line for winning the 2012 NBA title

 Source: Bodog.com 

 What about it Spurs Nation?

Would you make a bet on the Spurs’ chances next season? Or does another team on that list appear to be a better choice?

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