Silly String battle enlivens Utah-Spurs game

The Spurs and Utah were playing in a huge game Monday night for the Jazz in terms of playoff implications.

San Antonio brought a depleted roster to Salt Lake City and were ahead after three quarters. It would seemingly be a time when the volatility of the situation would have had true basketball fans squirming on the edges of their seats as they worried about their team’s playoff hopes and fervently rooted for a comeback.

But with the Spurs nursing a 68-64 lead after three quarters, Utah and its Jazz Bear mascot found a unique way to get the crowd going. They had a huge Silly String fight where 300 cans were reportedly used in one section.

Silly String fights must be something in the Utah collective ennui, if another video indicates anything. At , more than 8,000 cans were employed in what is billed as the world record for most cans used at one time.

So the 300 cans last night at the Energy Solutions Arena were kind of small potatoes, even if it was incorrectly billed on the You Tube tease as the world’s record for Silly String. But it still got the crowd going, as. 

Whether it helped spur the Jazz’s comeback victory, we’ll never know.

But it sure made for a sticky mess for the cleaning crew in the arena after the game.

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