Shaq vows to ‘handle’ Barkley on upcoming NBA broadcasts

Shaquille O’Neal is as anxious to see the end of the NBA lockout as anybody else.

O’Neal will move on to his new career as analyst for TNT after his retirement earlier this year from the Boston Celtics.

In his new role, O’Neal told the New York Times he will be able to snatch airtime in the broadcasts from the bombastic Charles Barkley.

“I’m going to get all the airtime,” O’Neal told the Times. “I’m going to handle him like I’ve always handled him. I’m going to knock him out if I have to.”

We think that O’Neal is jesting, but considering his spirited rivalry with “The Round Mound of Rebound” earlier in his career we can’t be sure.

Here’s a You Tube video of one of Barkley’s confrontations when he was playing with Houston Rockets and O’Neal was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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