Schoening’s record benefits ‘Nothing but Nets’ malaria prevention

We all know Bill Schoening for his strong work as the “Voice of the Spurs” on WOAI and the Spurs Radio Network.  

Schoening is spending some of his free  time this summer as he promotes his new career as a budding vocalist.

He’s released a compact disc “Second Chance” that will benefit “Nothing but Nets,” an initiative developed to help prevent malaria in Africa.

On the four tracks, Schoening delivers contemporary gospel with an eight-piece backing.

Schoening started dabbling in music soon after moving to Austin, where he served as the voice of the Texas Longhorns for 12 seasons before coming to the Spurs in 2001.

“My goal is not to embarrass myself musically, and to raise money for charity,” Schoening told .

He accomplishes that goal rather admirably, as this.

Cost of the CD is $10 and more information can be found by going to the website of his . All of the proceeds will benefit Nothing but Nets. And each CD sold will be able to purchase one insecticide-treated bed net to protect families from malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

It’s a worthy cause done by the Spurs’ resident voice — in terms of his play-by-play work and his singing.

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