Quick hopes TP will help them catch McDonald’s in France

Tony Parker is a marketing dynamo in France with deals for everything from shoes and watches to food delivery and clothes.

But if you ask anyone this side of LeBron James or Michael Jordan, the best way to build extreme broad-based public recognition is by doing a fast-food commercial.

You can look at Parker and see he doesn’t eat fast food very often. But he’s a natural spokesman because his game is predicated on speed — almost as quick as getting those burgers and fries to you through the drive-through window.

Parker has just hooked up with  a Belgian company that operates more than 400 restaurants in Belgium, France, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Andorra, Luxembourg, Spain, Russia and Armenia. It is considered one of Europe’s top competitors to McDonald’s.

Their most popular product is their Belgian fries and their gimmick is that they don’t salt them. It’s left up to the customer to decide exactly how much salt to place on the potatoes.

When it started in 1970, Quick became the first European fast-food restaurant basing most of its business on selling burgers. And it’s still popular as the company ranks first in Belgium and Luxembourg and No. 2 in France behind McDonald’s. 

Quick marketers hope that by linking Parker to their restaurant will boost their market share as they challenge “the golden arches” across  the continent.

Here’s a look at awith Quick, courtesy of You Tube.

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