Q&A with…Gregg Popovich

Air Alamo’s is in the ballpark when he calls Gregg Popovich the most fascinating coach in the NBA.

At the very least he’s unique. Undeniably blue-collar, yet able to appreciate the delights of fine wine and duck fritte. A no-nonsense type who delights in tormenting the media with terse answers and wordless stares, but funny and engaging when he chooses to open up.

Popovich did exactly that in this with Spurs.com. The basketball stuff is fine — thoughts on Patty Mills, the Spurs’ Olympic contingent and Tony Parker’s coachability — but the personal details are way, way more interesting.

Such as his preference for summer reading (biographies of Stalin and Putin) and his inspiring advice for aspiring coaches: Buy a coat and a tie, and get a job.

Most helpful of all was Popovich’s disclosure that he counts Led Zeppelin among his favorite bands.  And now I know, whenever I get the inevitable Death Stares this season, that I can attempt to assuage him with the offering that I, too, love the Hammer of the Gods.

In Pop’s honor, enjoy.

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