NBA jersey sales plummet because of lockout

Apparel companies  and the NBA have to be hoping for a robust holiday buying season after sales of their jerseys have dipped significantly during the lockout.

The New York Post reports that NBA jersey sales .

Most online retailers are offering 15 percent to 20 percent discounts on NBA apparel, in addition to peddling old-school or throwback jerseys at half-price to entice visitors. It’s a bullish market for consumers who can make deals in the next  several weeks as the league scrambles to regain momentum after the lockout.

“Expect FootLocker, Champs and others to follow suit,” an insider told the Post. “It has nothing to do with the holiday, either. Retailers understand that after the lockout, the price tag must be cut.”

Total NBA apparel product sales last season were close to $3 billion. With the lockout, analysts expect this year’s sales number to be closer to $1 billion, with sneakers as the sport’s lone bright spot.

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