Most memorable Spurs moments countdown starts Monday

It might be Sean Elliott’s Memorial Day Miracle.

Or the times that lottery balls decided the history of the franchise, leading to an eventual string of  title victories.

It might be the time when Manu Ginobili caught a bat or when George Gervin and David Robinson won scoring championships on the final day of the season.

Or it might have been when Avery Johnson’s shot settled a championship, Elliott returned from a kidney transplant or James Silas came back to have his jersey become the first in team history to be retired.

The Spurs’ 38-year history in San Antonio is stacked with a rich trove of memorable moments during a rich history that has seen the Silver and Black claim four NBA titles and emerge as one of the NBA’s most enduringly successful franchises.

Most fans likely would have difficulty whittling that history down to a workable list of the most memorable moments in franchise history.

After working all summer in settling our group, Spurs is ready to rank the 30 most memorable memories since the team came to San Antonio in 1973.

We’ll have them all from the most thrilling victories and crushing defeats. And we’ll have a little fun to as we rank the “OMG” moments that have shaped the team over the years. We’re aiming to revisit those memories when Spurs fans still remember where  they were when they initially experienced them.

Look for the release of one moment each day beginning on Monday. It will be a regular feature each day over the next six weeks as we count down to the top memory in mid-November. 

And before we start, we’re a little curious about Spurs Nation and its collective memories.  Which moments do you most readily remember?

Feel free to comment as we release our list over the next few weeks as we relive the rich history of San Antonio’s first big-league franchise.

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