Men of culture

With the Olympics complete and time still remaining on their summer vacation, various Spurs players have taken the opportunity to broaden themselves.

Who could have guessed that Tim Duncan, he of the Spock-like demeanor and an apparent disdain for all things sensuous, has a need for speed? That was the case during his recent trip to the , during which he apparently took a GTR for a very, very quick spin. Can’t imagine Spurs management is all that thrilled about the thought of their aging-yet-still-effective franchise player hurtling down the track north of 100 MPH. But what are they going to do, cut him?

Then there’s Manu Ginobili, looking to join the likes of Rembrandt and van Gogh with the for a UNICEF auction. Although it’s unlikely to match the $71.5 million van Gogh’s “Self Portrait Without Beard” went for in 1998, it’s actually a pretty good likeness. So Manu doesn’t just attack the paint — he can actually use it, too. (Terrible play on words, I know.)

And last but certainly not least we have Tony Parker, by barrels and barrels of fine vino. You’d think he’d want nothing to do with alcohol in any container after nearly losing his eye earlier this summer to a shard of broken bottle, but he is French…

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