Matt Bonner’s Grand Prix lives

Watching Andre Rison brag about the fleet of sports cars he once owned during ESPN’s latest 30 for 30 opus, it was difficult not to think about Spurs forward Matt Bonner.

Eschewing the stereotypical purchase of a SUV or tricked-out whip — the same kind of expenditure that has left scores of athletes, including Rison, bankrupt — Bonner settled for a more practical choice upon signing his first long-term contract in 2006: .

“When it comes to cars,” Bonner said at the time, “there are two things that equal satisfaction. No. 1, leg room. No. 2, gas mileage.”

Contrast that to : “How much is this one? It doesn’t matter, just get it.”

As you’d expect from the down-to-Earth Bonner, he still has the same ride after 80,000 miles.

“I just got a tune-up over at Freedom Chevrolet — hopefully that gets me a commercial or something — but they said it’s good for another 60-90,000 miles,” Bonner said. “I’ve gotten my money’s worth.”

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