Mark Cuban back in the swingin’ 70s at Indiana University

Mark Cuban always will tell you about the fun he had while attending Indiana University.

Besides playing on the school’s rugby team, the current owner of the Dallas Mavericks apparently was quite the social animal back in those debaucherous days back in Bloomington.

The folks at Deadspin have back at Indiana.

They let him know it was coming and Cuban protected a few of his old friends in the most revealing pictures by blocking out their faces.

But he also has a hilarious commentary about the slideshow.

This picture is one of the more , who comments that he’s glad he’s gotten rid of the ’70s porn mustache you can see him with in most of the pictures.

It’s a revealing look at Cuban in all of his glory.

Just a guess here, but I bet Spurs Nation will like these a lot better than another picture of Cuban holding up the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

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