Karl compares Ginobili, Wallace to Tim Tebow

The phenomenum of “Tebow-mania” has engulfed all aspects of life in Denver.

Round-the-clock discussion of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has found it’s way even into the .

During the Nuggets’ media day, Karl was asked the inevitable question about Tebow and which NBA players reminded him most of the inspirational leader.

“With the will to win, Manu Ginobili is the type of guy, he has this exuberance of we’re going to win the (darn) game with effort, passion and commitment,” Karl told the Denver Post. “He’s the first guy that came to mind.

“A guy who wins it on his heart more than his skills is Ben Wallace. He was an undersized, defensive player who can’t score but won a championship.”

Those are heady words of praise from Karl.

But Ginobili probably has more talent that Karl is giving him credit for. He’ll be in the Basketball Hall of Fame one day because he could play a little basketball, too.

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