George Hill considering playing in Europe during lockout

Former Spurs guard George Hill always has enjoyed basketball competition.

The lockout has to be killing Hill, even with the excitement of moving back home to play for the Indiana Pacers after his trade there by the Spurs last month in the Kawhi Leonard swap.

Now, it appears that Hill during the lockout.

Hill’s agent Michael Whitaker told Hoops that his client is taking a “wait and see approach” to going overseas to play.  

“If a team with the appropriate budget – that’s an Euroleague or Eurocup team – is willing to give him an NBA out if and when the lockout ends, George will highly consider the offer,” Whitaker said. “If the NBA season is fully canceled, it will be more likely that George pursues an opportunity to play in Europe or China.

“We had a few Euroleague and Eurocup teams very interested and willing to grant him an NBA out, but at the time George was not ready to commit to such offers.

“If such an offer comes at this point, I believe George will be more willing to consider it and accept it.”

Hill’s attitude to playing overseas is similar to those of other players.

If he is convinced there will be no basketball played in the NBA this season because of the lockout, he’ll be ready to play somewhere else.

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