ESPN’s Uni Watch ranks Spurs 2nd in NBA, 16th overall

As if the Spurs haven’t enjoyed enough success over the years, they’ve earned recognition from ESPN’s Uni Watch blog for looking good while doing it. The Silver and Black’s uniforms are and among North American professional sports franchises, according to Uni Watch’s Power Rankings. Paul Lukas writes:

The Raiders aren’t the only team that knows how to wear silver and black. In addition to the killer colors, the Spurs are also among the few NBA teams that have successfully incorporated a graphic image into their chest typography — a small element that goes a long way. Kinda wish they’d go back to the scoop-neck collar instead of the V-neck, but that’s a minor complaint.

It’s a very well-deserved spot for a simple, elegant uniform with just a hint of style thanks to the aforementioned graphic image. Which, as we’ve , isn’t always easy to pull off.

Not that the Spurs haven’t had any missteps along the way. There were those walking-TV-dinner silver alternates, and the ridiculous that only underscored doubts about the Spurs’ manhood during their many playoff prat falls in the 1990s.

But for the most part, it’s hard to beat not only the colors, which they were wearing long before black became such a ubiquitous presence in pro sports, but the clean execution, especially with the new logo. My personal favorite are these dating back to the days of George Gervin.

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