Earliest Turkish offers too low for Kobe to jump to Besiktas

Several reports are indicating that if the Turkish team Besiktas is really determined to get Kobe Bryant to play for them during the lockout, they will have to add a few more zeroes to his contract offer.

Bryant’s agent Rob Pelinka met with representatives of Besiktas earlier this week. According to Sportando and Alti Sport, the Turkish team’sfor Bryant to accept.

Another meeting is expected b y the end of the week where Besiktas is expected to raise their offer for Bryant to join Deron Williams during the lockout.

Hoops World.com is reporting that Bryant also potentially could play in China in a contract where The deal could pay him up to $10 million for a season, although he would likely have to agree to a contract without an NBA-out clause and it’s doubtful that Bryant would do that.

Bryant has been non-commital about playing overseas during the lockout.

But if he has an inkling that the lockout will be an extended one and other top NBA stars are flocking overseas, I would expect Bryant to join them if he doesn’t personally lead the exodus.

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