Durant to Westbrook on the football field?

Kevin Durant learned a little about football during his one year at the University Texas.

So it’s not surprising he looked at home during some informal work with Oklahoma City teammate Russell Westbrook during their lockout training camp at the University of Kentucky.

There’s a video that’s gone viral of Durant tossing long passes to Westbrook. Unfortunately for Durant, Westbrook doesn’t look nearly as adept on the football field as he does running the Thunder’s offense.

Just a guess here, but both of them would trade any drudgery they might face during training camp for sitting out during the lockout.

One other item. Maybe it’s me, but wouldn’t it make more sense for Westbrook to be the one throwing the passes and Durant catching them?

Here’s a You Tube clip of one of some of their practice-field tomfoolery (hat tip: A Stern Warning.com).

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