Duncan relaxing in Vegas during lockout

Tim Duncan is looking for way to occupy his time during the lockout.

After all, there’s only so many video games you can play with your kids or do conditioning work. And I’m sure Duncan has done a lot of that  waiting for the NBA season to begin.

Duncan made a visit to Las Vegas last week where he ,” which bills itself as the best show on the Vegas strip.

“Absinthe” is described as “a surreal experience for adults, the fantastical blend of carnival and spectacle that features wild and outlandish acts in a theatre-in-the-round presentation suitable for all seasons.”

Here’s a You Tube glimpse of what Duncan witnessed when he was in Las Vegas.

Duncan already has made one trip to Las Vegas earlier this summer when he was seen witnessing Carrot Top’s popular show at the Monte Carlo Hotel.

If and when the lockout ends, we’ll have to ask Duncan which show he liked best.

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