Despite denials, Eva picked up Matt Barnes at airport

Remember Eva Longoria’s heated denials that with Los Angeles Lakers forward Matt Barnes?

That may be true. Longoria and Barnes have been involved in several charity projects for Padres and Athletes vs. Cancer.

But it does take a special friend to pick up another friend at an airport — particularly in Los Angeles in the middle of the day. 

And that’s what has reported that Longoria did earlier this week, with the .

Of course, Longoria could be telling us the truth. But it also takes someone special to play the role of chauffeur — even if it is in a custom BMW.

Barnes reportedly tried to make it to the car incognito, but it’s a little hard to hide when you are 6-foot-7.

Longoria has been involved in a relationship with Eddie Cruz, the younger brother of actress Penelope Cruz, since her breakup last year with Spurs guard Tony Parker.

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