Bosh’s expanded back tattoos are … really something

Observant NBA fans have noticed that Chris Bosh’s back tattoo was pretty involved during the playoffs last season.

The Miami forward is taking advantage of the respite provided by the NBA lockout to add a few more elements to the storyboard that is his torso.

Now, Bosh’s tattoo incorporates a tree, an eagle, an animal that appears to be either a tiger or cougar, musical notes, a Zeus-like figure, a woman holding a skull and the Roman Colosseum. The blogs and report it took about 40 hours to finish this amalgamation. 

The work apparently was so involved and time consuming that Bosh brought 10 videos from home to watch while the work was taking place.

And apparently, there will be additional elements added to Bosh’s work over the next few weeks.

We can only imagine what will be next.

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