Blog brother rips NBA for hometown crews working playoff games

The always biting website Awful Announcing has repeatedly taken NBA-TV to task this week for its broadcasting of the first round of the playoffs.  

As a money-saving consideration — understandable considering the likelihood of a work stoppage — the NBA is penching a few pennies by picking up a local broadcasting feed rather than send its own crew to cover a game.

So viewers across the country have heard the Spurs announcing team of Bill Land and Sean Elliott one night and the Grizzlies’ crew of Pete Pranica and Brevin Knight for Game 5.

Or as Awful Announcing’s Matt Yoder :

“Instead of subjecting us to the homerish San Antonio pair of Bill Land and Sean Elliott… we got the homerish Memphis pair of Pete Pranica and Brevin Knight for Game 5.  All I know is I never want to hear the phrase “Z-Bound” again,” Yoder wrote.

The criticism is on the mark for the NBA. The two announcing crews can’t be blamed because they are broadcasting for their own home audiences first and the NBA as an afterthought. They shouldn’t change their approach just because “Big Brother” is too cheap to hire its own worker bees.

It does show the NBA as being a little rinky-dink from the rest of the big leagues in how they do their telecasts. The NFL and Major League Baseball don’t do that for their playoff crews.

And the NBA shouldn’t either. It’s beneath them not to have their own crews at games as important  as these playoff games with as much interest in them. The Spurs-Grizzlies Game 5 broadcast attracted the largest viewership in NBA-TV history.   

But Yoder can relax and maybe even be happy tonight. 

The ESPN crew of Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson will be doing the game. I saw them during their walkthrough this morning at the FedExForum. 

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