12 NBA owners rank among Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans

All is gloom and doom around the NBA this morning with reports that training camps and preseason games will be postponed as the lockout continues.

NBA owners have maintained throughout the negotiations that the league’s financial model is broken. Players, they insist, receive too much of the money generated by the league.

Here’s a little fact that I find interesting after scanning the Forbes 400 of the wealthiest Americans. are NBA owners.

The NBA is represented on the list by the following owners:

No.          Owner                               Team                     Net worth                  Source

23.          Paul Allen                      Portland                   $13.2 B                    Microsoft, investments

60.          Rich Devos                    Orlando                    $5 B                          Amway

75.          Micky Arison               Miami                       $4.2 B                       Carnival Cruises

107.       Stanley Kronke           Denver                      $3.2 B                       Sports, investments

159.        Tom Gores                    Detroit                      $2.5 B                       Private equity

171.        Mark Cuban                  Dallas                        $2.3 B                       Online media

242.        Glen Taylor                  Minnesota               $1.8 B                       Printing

273.        Herbert Simon           Indiana                     $1.6 B                      Real estate

293.        Daniel Gilbert             Cleveland                 $1.5 B                      Quicken Loans

293.        Michael Heisley         Memphis                 $1.5 B                       Manufacturing

293.        Donald Sterling          L.A. Clippers         $1.5 B                       Real estate

309.        Joshua Harris             Philadelphia           $1.45 B                   Leveraged buyouts

Anybody else wonder why these elite businessmen want to get into the NBA if the business is so bad?

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