‘The Matrix’ nixes chance to appear on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Shawn Marion is convinced the NBA lockout will be settled sooner than later.

TMZ.com reports that the Dallas forward’s confidence that the work stoppage will end soon was one of the major reasons that he turned down an opportunity to appear on next season’s “Dancing with the Stars” on ABC-TV.

Show officials sent Marion an official offer to appear in the 13th compeitition of the popular reality show, butlater this fall.

“Dancing with the Stars” would end in November and the NBA season usually begins in October with training camp starting several weeks later.

So it’s probably a wise decision.

Marion won’t be following in the footsteps of his owner, Mark Cuban, who was eliminated fifth in the autumn of 2007.

Other NBA-affiliated “Dancing with the Stars” participants have included Clyde Drexler (eliminated fourth, spring 2007) and Rick Fox (eliminated seventh, fall 2010).

Only one active athlete in a major North American team sport has participated in the show. Pittsburgh wide receiver Hines Ward won the most recent “Dancing” competition that was settled earlier this year.

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