Spurs ready themselves for Game three after routing Heat in Game two

The San Antonio Spurs will walk into the AT&T Center tonight knowing that they are only two games away from a fifth NBA Title and another humiliation of “the anointed one” LeBron James at the hands of the Spurs.

“My Cleveland team, we were very young, and we went up against a very experienced team, well-coached team. And they (the Spurs) took advantage of everything that we did.”

While the Heat “Big Three” of Wade, Bosch and James is a much more appealing than Llgauskas, Hughes and Gooden, the Wade and Bosch have done pretty much all they can to help secure a victory but  the “Anointed One” has not been on target.

“I’ll be better,” James said on Wednesday,  “I’ll be much better [Thursday] night.”  “So I’m putting all the pressure on my chest, on my shoulders to come through for our team. That’s the way it is.”

Game 4 begins at 8:00 Eastern  and tickets for the AT&T Center are still available.

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