Spurs move up in rankings/Lakers tumble

If the San Antonio Spurs expect to keep under the radar as they do each and every season, they’d better stop posting what little records are left to post.

The team has begun the 2012/13 NBA season with a franchise record-setting 4-0 record.  It seems strange that the former 4 time NBA Champions have never gotten off to  such a start but fans here are just a tad spoiled when it comes to the Spurs.  In recognition of their record, the Spurs have moved up to 4th in the NBA Power Rankings this week.  The Spurs’ arch nemesis, the LA Lakers (1-3) have dropped to 10th place.

Popovich will tell you that records don’t matter and the only thing that matters is “Pounding The Rock.” But to fans of the much maligned Spurs, it’s just another reason to love the team

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