Spurs look to experience and the deepest bench in the NBA for the Western Conference Semi’s

The San Antonio Spurs can finally work off of one game plan and as of the final buzzer on the LA Clippers/Memphis Grizzlies set out to work at their practice facility on Sunday night.

Head Coach Vinny Del Negro knows exactly what his team is facing come Tuesday night at the A T&T Center.

“Different type of team, different type of series,”  Del Negro said during the  Clippers’ postgame interviews. “San Antonio has played as well, if not the most consistently, of anybody throughout the year. They’ve won championships for a reason. They’re not going to beat themselves.”

And they won’t.  Sure there will be those folks out there that say so much time off will only hurt their game and there is something to that but this is a team that strongly remembers their exit from last year’s playoffs and rest assured they will not let it happen again. Plus, the Clippers struggled against a Memphis squad with no stars.  To the Clippers, the Spurs must look like a stellar constellation.

The Clippers, meanwhile, are ever mindful of the four-time NBA Champions and feel they have a shot and one veteran of many playoff battles, Kenyon Martin, (whom the Spurs actively pursued in the offseason) has appreciated his young team’s growth.

“The thing about Game 7 of a series, if you didn’t learn anything from Game 1, then you don’t deserve to be here in the first place,” Martin said. “I think guys really, really embrace the moment.”

Be sure to get your tickets for a potentially explosive playoff series. a

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